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1oz Gold Eagle Specific Years

The American Gold Eagle coins are the preferred bullion coin choice in the United States, its international popularity is equally as high with investors and collectors due to the bullion's reputation and history.

Below are a selection of 1 oz Gold Eagles:

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American Gold Eagles bullion coins were first introduced by the US Mint in 1986. Not to be confused with pre-1933 $10 gold coins which are also called eagles, the weight of the bullion coin is typically used when describing American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins.

The Gold Eagle Coins are available in denominations of 1/10 oz1/4 oz1/2 oz and 1 oz, and are struck with a fineness of .9167 gold purity (22 carat). The legal face values of the coins are $5, $10, $25 and $50 respectively. 

The design displays Augustus Saint-Gaudens' full length figure of Lady Liberty, carrying a torch and an olive branch. This design was taken from $20 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles gold coins, which was commissioned to create coins similar to the ancient Greek and Roman coins.

The reverse of the Gold coin shows the equally iconic eagle soaring above the nest with a female eagle and hatchlings. Together the designs signify the strength, unity and importance of Americans.

Gold Eagle coins should always be a serious consideration for additions to collections or by first time investors.

The other second official US Mint bullion coin are the Gold Buffalo Coins.

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