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Gold Nugget

Australian gold nugget coins are popular with investors and collectors alike. The gold nuggets are manufactured by the Perth Mint available from 1/10oz to 1oz and are 24 carat pure with a fineness of 999.9. The Nugget has been minted each year since 1987 and features the kangaroo, an iconic symbol of the Australian outback.

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The Australian Gold Nugget was first introduced in 1986 by Gold Corp, also commonly known as the "Perth Mint". With a unique "two-tone" frosted design, it was one of a few bullion gold coins whose design was changed every year, similar to the Chinese Gold Panda. With a limited annual mintage, it has raised its interest by both collectors and investors.

With the exception from 1986 to 1989, when the coins featured imagery of Australian gold nuggets, the central design was replaced by by kangaroos which represented the country more, thus the nugget coins are also referred as "gold kangaroos". With a  fineness of 0.9999 gold purity, they are legal tender status in Australia.

The 1oz Nuggets are by far the most popular in individual portfolios but are also available in denominations of 1/20oz , 1/10oz , 1/4oz , 1/2oz , 2oz , 10oz and 1kg.


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