100 French Francs

The gold 100 French Francs coin was introduced in 1855, and was the highest denomination gold coin in France. Below is our selection of 100 French Franc gold coins.

100 French Franc coins weigh 32.25 grams, at 900 fine (90%) purity. This gives them 29.03 grams of gold, putting them just below a troy ounce; some of the largest gold currency coins of pre-investment bullion coins.

These coins offer collectors a chance to buy a piece of French history, while also making a sizeable gold investment. We also buy 100 Franc gold coins, simply call 0121 634 8060 for a quote.

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The coinage of France changed much in the 19th century; unsurprising perhaps considering the changes to the political and social systems in the country at the time.

After almost 50 years of the Half-Franc, One-Franc, and 40-Franc coinage, 1855 saw the introduction of new gold coinage. The gold 100 French Franc coin came as part of this, and would continue to be produced sporadically for about 80 years.

The original 100 Franc coins featured the portrait of Emperor Napoleon III. A redesign was issued in 1878 featuring a guardian angel writing the French constitution on a tablet.

Some of the 100 Franc coins are very rare; the 1889 issue for example was proof only, with just 100 coins struck.

As in the UK, France’s coinage was severely affected by the First World War and many coins were debased. Nickel became a common choice, with some aluminium and bronze also used. When the war ended, silver coins were reintroduced, and a few very rare gold 100 Francs were issued between 1929 and 1936.